November 5, 2015 THURSDAY
The Punches Family
Andy Russell
The Wallen Family
Final Authority
The Davis Family
Janice Crow
Berry Brothers
November 6, 2015 FRIDAY
Gospel Messengers
Becky Lercher
The Harpers
The Heritage Boys
Carol Sanguinette How
The Barry Jones Family
Wanda Mountain Boys
Kevin Kappler
The Redemptions
Book of Ruth
November 7, 2015 SATURDAY
New Horizons
Karen Carr
The Ascension Quartet
One Voice
LIFETIME Achievement Award
Crimson Gold
Crimson River
Marilyn Berry

Groups and lineup subject to change without notice.
*The following groups are unable to perform in 2015
The Lesters, The Chosen Ones, 4 His Love, The Rices, The McCunes, Singing Disciples, Heartfelt, Kathy Atkins